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jimmie-working-the-kettleAfter serving in the military as a Field Artillery Officer for six years, Jimmie Peterson is well acquainted with maintaining grace under fire. But during the years following his service, Jimmie eventually succumbed to his battle with addiction, and when he landed at Trinity House in 2012, he definitely felt as if he’d fallen from grace. After months of tough love and hard work – much of his time spent as the kitchen manager of Trinity House – Jimmie developed a new sense of self-worth AND a passion and talent for the culinary arts. An opportunity to translate his newfound skills into full-time employment came in January when he was approached by Paul Stieffel, Owner and Founder of Sweet Surrender Fudge. Stieffel had a vision -– to convert his business into a social enterprise with a mission to create jobs for people transitioning out of homelessness. Jimmie was his first hire and the start of his vision becoming a reality.

“The reason we made this transition is that we believed it would be the best way for a small entrepreneurial company to have a direct impact in our community with those who are in need. It is always a challenge to run a small business, but it is nothing when compared to the struggle of those who are trying to get their lives back in order.” Stieffel recognized the value of Jimmie’s experience, and his instinct has paid off. Jimmie quickly streamlined the fudge company’s processes, significantly increasing overall efficiency.

Stieffel is just one of many business owners to recognize the talent and skill of the men in the programs with Trinity Community Ministries. He says, “There are many ways to get involved with Trinity House, but as a business owner I urge you to consider hiring residents like Jimmie, who are ready, willing, and more than able to contribute to your success.”