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Video produced by Andre Ledgister, SPR Atlanta​​

“The opposite of success isn’t failure because failure is part of success, but it’s quitting,” said Willis Reavis, a former homeless veteran and Trinity House resident.

Willis’ words set the tone for the inaugural Trinity Combine, a one-day decathlon fundraiser that raised more than $100,000 for the homeless veteran and men’s programs at Trinity Community Ministries. The Combine was on May 17 at Georgia Tech.

More than 125 participants from Trinity Community Ministries, Ironwood, Synovus, CrossFit 404 and others competed for bragging rights, but more importantly to give back to veterans in need who gave so much for their country.


In the early morning of Oct. 29, 2014, Marc Hodulich, Executive Producer of the Wall Street Decathlon, and keynote speaker for Trinity Community Ministries Honorary Board breakfast shared his story. During his college years, Marc and his friends engaged in an evening of friendly, competitive bantering on who was the more gifted athlete amongst them. Little did they know that this would one day change the lives of countless of individuals and families.

The group set up a series of athletic challenges that resulted in a 10-event decathlon. “While we didn’t learn who won, we did learn that the group made the decision to repeat it, extend the event to fellow athletes, and use the next iteration to raise funds for [important causes]. 7 months after his motivational speech, and with a team led by Trinity Board member Will Buchly, the Trinity Combine was born. The event took place on Sunday, May 17, at Georgia Tech’s Griffin Athletic Complex.


“It is just incredible to see the community support this event is receiving. The hard training we have witnessed from the participating athletes,including many of the men who are currently Trinity House residents, has been inspirational and motivational. These men and women have worked hard not only in preparing for this competition, but raising money to support our ministry. Their effort will enable us to continue to provide the valuable services our programs deliver in helping these men return to their communities,” said Bruce Burney, Executive Director of Trinity Community Ministries. “Will Buchly and his team did a tremendous job in pulling this all together, and the energy and enthusiasm we are witnessing out on that field is a strong testament to these accomplishments.”

Delivering the opening address, Willis Hatfield-Reavis, a former Trinity resident and military veteran, concurred. “When I came to Trinity House, I was broken…no place to go, no family. I was adopted by the 36 men who lived there.” Willis goes on to say, “The energy today is what I’m feeding off of.”

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