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“This building used to be a place where they prepared the dead for burial. Now, it’s a place where the ‘dead’ are reborn.” – Charles W., Resident of Trinity House-Big Bethel


Trinity House-Big Bethel, a 36-bed transitional housing and rehabilitation program, is much more than a shelter – it’s a life line for men to turn their lives around. Trinity House-Big Bethel restores hope by providing support services leading back to employment, income, and recovery.


recoveryBefore a man can become a resident, he must first complete an outside addiction treatment program to ensure he’s clean and sober. To promote continued recovery, residents are given ongoing support to deal with issues of addiction through meetings, workshops, and one-on-one therapy with Certified Addiction Counselors.

 Self Sufficiency

self-sufficiencyWe meet with each resident to consider his overall state of affairs — income, employment, health, education, and life skills — and then work to alleviate any barriers to independence and success as a citizen. Ongoing assessments help us determine if new skills or additional resources are needed for the resident to become self-sufficient, including the requirement to put 30% of his income toward rent.


communityA unique brotherhood exists between staff and residents of Trinity House-Big Bethel that is enduring, unshakable, and integral to the success of this program. The majority of staff members are graduates themselves, so they have virtually walked in the shoes of those they serve. This shared experience allows for a deep and true connection between those who have “been there” and those who are on their journey to recovery.


sustainabilityOur goal is to give these men the skills, the tools, the resources, and, most important, the unwavering support needed to take with them all that they’ve learned, so they can build a better life for themselves, their family, and their community.