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The Trinity House Program

Clients in the Trinity House-Big Bethel Program progress through the program in 4 shirt levels. Each color indicates the client’s journey to sobriety.

white shirt.jpeg


Clients begin the program in white shirts and are called "Neophytes." Clients maintain this status for about 30 days while they work with the Case Manager on their Individual Development Plan (IDP).

green shirt.jpeg


Green shirts are also considered "Neophytes." 

After the 30-day period of achieving program and individual milestones, clients can move up to a green shirt.

Most green shirts are also able to start looking for employment.

red shirt.jpeg


After about 90 days, clients who continue to make progress can move from green to red shirts and are called "Junior Brothers." 

At this point, the client can obtain employment and begin to mentor those who are newer in the program.

black shirt.jpeg


After 120 days in the program and completing their IDP, a client can achieve black shirt status and become a "Senior Brother." The black shirt is also an indication that the client is approaching graduation.

Alongside developing and pursuing his individual recovery plan, neophyte brothers attend twice daily workshops led by TCM Case Managers and Program Director focused on recovery, mental health, communication, relapse prevention and complete individual reflection assignments.


They participate in regular T.E.A.M. dinners, community outings, and one-on-one counseling and therapy sessions. There is always something happening at Trinity House! 

Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 5.40.42 PM.png

After successfully going through the program, many of our clients graduate. 

Graduation Requirements:

  • Obtain housing and full-time employment

  • Save at least $2,500

  • Maintain sobriety

*72% of men graduated in 2022 are still on their recovery journey 3-6 months after graduation.

*For comparison, on average, up to 60% of individuals who start their recovery
journey relapse in the first 90 days. Trinity men beat the odds.

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