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A Fathers Impact on his Son During his Addiction

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A father’s role in the lives of their children can be expressed as the “breadwinners,” as they set the bar for choosing relationships that a child has, and they also play a huge role in how their children develop when they enter into adulthood. In the Trinity House-Big Bethel program we help many fathers, uncles, brothers and grandfathers re-enter their families as role model. We wanted to take a closer look on the impact and addiction has on a child. How does substance abuse play a role in the child developing into adulthood? In most cases, children who grow up witnessing their parent's misuse drugs and alcohol can suffer for many years emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

We wanted to share Trinity House-Big Bethel resident Exzavia F story with you all and how his addiction played a huge role in his son's life and how coming into the program has helped him repair their relationship.


Resident Exzavia F.

Exzavia is from Pompano Beach, Florida. In his family are generations of drug and alcohol addiction. His father, his grandparents, and even great grandparents were all addicted to either drugs or alcohol. Growing up and witnessing his fathers addiction was a childhood filled with empty promises. When Ezxavia became started his addiction to drug, he would leave his family for days but still calling home to check on his son. But, before his sons Spring Break, Exzavia called and his wife to check on his son and she said to their son “See, I told you daddy wasn't gonna let you down!” Before Trinity House, he heard many stories about his son crying himself to sleep and asking so many questions about his dad. Ezxavia then realized that he was giving empty promises to his son, as his father did him.

Exzavia has been to six other treatment facilities before Trinity House-Big Bethel. When Exzavia came to Trinity House, he felt that it was time to tell his son the truth about his dad being admitted into a treatment program rather than telling his son that he is going to work or school. During the first couple of weeks at Trinity, Exzavia told his son that he was in a treatment program, and to his surprise his son was happy to hear that his dad was getting help.

"The effects of childhood can manifest into adulthood" Exzavia F

With your son growing up into the new generation in today's society, how can you help prevent him from following the epidemic or following into your past footsteps?

"I would definitely tell my son about the real life effects of drugs and alcohol. I want to be very candid with him about the actual reality of drug addiction, and tell him stories about myself, his grandfather and even great grandfather about their addiction. I do not want to shelter my son from certain movies or songs, but I want him to know about the real life effects that they don't show in movies. "

Today, Ezxavia is so grateful for the bond he has rebuilt with his son today. Programs such as the Fatherhood Program led by Roosevelt Muhammad, here at Trinity Community Ministries, helps our residents become better fathers and mentors. When he transitions from the program he is eager to get his son into counseling.

"I am still determined to not be who my father was." Exzavia F

Each day here at Trinity, we witness first hand stories of residents like Exzavia reconnecting with their families. Our T.E.A.M Dinners, Alumni Reviews, and even our Honorary Board Breakfast allows our residents to surround themselves with other positive father figures. Eventually the positive energy becomes contagious and therefore leads them to become positive father figures in their own families.

Ezxavia's story is one of many, here at Trinity Community Ministries. Trinity House-Big Bethel has a reputation for being a "Tough Program for Tough Times," but also a program that uses unique ways to tackle homelessness and bring MEN back to their families as fathers, mentors, and leaders to their children.


Each year the goal for Trinity Community Ministries is to successfully return men to their families and communities as mentors and leaders. We are a 36-bed residential recovery program for men who are homeless, addicted to alcohol or drugs and mental health illnesses. When a man enters the program he has chosen to take the first step in the recovery process and enter into an environment of rehabilitation, recovery, resources, and brotherhood. We are a “Tough Programs for Tough Times.” Each man who takes the first step to change his life leaves Trinity Community Ministries with a renewed sense of hope, courage, confidence, support, and the willingness to live a new substance-free lifestyle.

Learn More by visiting our About Us or our Get Involved Page

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