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Staying Safe, Positive and Inspired During Covid-19

Since March, the coronavirus pandemic has become a worldwide crisis that has impacted every American and has also led to conversations regarding generations of racial and social injustice in America and across the world.

Here at Trinity Community Ministries Inc., we continue to push forward with our mission of helping homeless men reclaim their lives and return to their families and communities as mentors and leaders, while keeping our staff, alumni, and volunteers safe.

How Are We Staying Safe?

  • Teleworking has been implemented for all non-essential staff members. Essential staff members continue to work onsite and are continuing to follow safe CDC guidelines and protocols when interacting with clients in the building.

  • We continue to have a “No Visitor” policy at TCM. Special COVID-19 screening procedures are in place for all service workers and official visitors (i.e. Fulton County Health Department, Census Workers etc.) the screening includes a brief questionnaire and temperature checks with a digital thermometer.

  • Our building is now routinely being deep cleaned and sanitized for COVID-19 by “A Father’s Touch” This includes all offices, living quarters and common areas.

  • A Father’s Touch, cleaning company also recently held a workshop for residents on proper use of cleaning solutions, effective hand washing and the importance of social distancing.

How are we doing?

We would like to highlight some of our amazing accomplishments since the beginning of COVID-19.

Zoom Technology

We are proud to announce that you can now virtually connect with the men of Trinity House for T.E.A.M. Dinner on Zoom! T.E.A.M. Dinner groups who would like to participate in virtual T.E.A.M. Dinners, please email us at or contact our Receptionist/T.E.A.M. Dinner Hostess at with your group name, date, and contact person. We will then forward the link to the contact person for distribution to the entire group. All T.E.A.M. dinners will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m.

You can also schedule any virtual workshops, yoga classes, bible studies, and other volunteer opportunities through the new zoom technology. A special “thank you” to Board member, Chad Hite for spearheading the effort to acquire the equipment needed for this technology!

New HVAC System and Plumbing

With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Georgia, our building also grew in needed repairs. Thanks to your donations and grants from Southface Institute and A Million Matters, we have replaced one of our HVAC units and made much needed repairs to the plumbing in our residential restrooms.

Welcome DeAndre Holt new Development Director

In April we welcomed DeAndre Holt as our new Development Director. DeAndre has worked for American Express as a Sales Development Specialist and works as a part time Executive Director for his own nonprofit Men of Excellence Inc. DeAndre is very eager to make a difference at Trinity Community Ministries.

Since starting at Trinity Community Ministries, DeAndre helped TCM become a part of the Kroger rewards program and has provided TCM with a reward of $2,500 from Costco which will be awarded to future graduates of our program.

DeAndre earned his undergraduate degree in Finance from Alabama A&M and his MBA from American Intercontinental University. As an undergraduate, DeAndre played football and was a member of the Track and Field team. He is also a devoted husband and father to two small children and a proud member of Phi Beta Lambda Business Fraternity and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

How Can You Continue to Support Us?

Donate to our Covid-19 Fundraiser!

A Covid-19 Fundraiser will help fund the required routine deep cleanings, thermometers, and help with disinfectant products.

Start a Covid-19 Donation Drive to collect item from our Covid-19 Wish List.

Join or renew your membership on our Honorary Board by clicking here:

See your dollars at work and give a one-time monetary donation at:

Follow us on Social Media:

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