William: A Handyman of the Soul and of the Church

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William S, stopping for a few moments to reflect, remembers that his life has taught him survival. He is now a well-loved member of the St. Marks United Methodist church community where he has been the church handyman for three years. His life followed a rocky road until members of St. Marks referred him to their longtime partner Trinity Community Ministries for help.

William struggled with addiction and as a result lost his job and his freedom when he served nine days in lock up for a misdemeanor. It was a short jail sentence and a sharp wake-up call for William. After arriving at Trinity Community Ministries he quickly realized he had a lot to learn if he wanted his life back.

“When I got there, they basically told me to shut up and listen. And that’s what I did,” William said. He built up his confidence, took the necessary steps towards recovery, and regained his self-esteem. He’s been clean for just over a year and is grateful to have recently moved into the organization’s new Trinity Living program, which focuses on veterans and older men in need of supportive services in permanent housing.

William is a survivor and a fighter and he is reclaiming his life on a daily basis. We were thrilled to find out about his 6 years of service in the Army Reserves, and honored to acknowledge his dedication to this country. This reserve veteran carries his re-discovered character and integrity to work with him every day. We are grateful for the chance to see him succeed in his personal life and in the church community that loved him enough to fight for him to have a better chance at life. Bravo William!