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T.E.A.M Dinners
Together Everyone Achieves More

It’s at our T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) Dinners where you’ll truly witness the power of this program.

Host a dinner and hear stories of triumph, struggle, and undeniable inspiration as you break bread in fellowship with the men who are currently residents of our program. You’ll nourish more than your body, you’ll nourish your soul.

 T.E.A.M. Dinners can be hosted in person with up to 10 people or virtually via Zoom.

To schedule a virtual T.E.A.M. Dinner please contact our Receptionist/T.E.A.M. Dinner hostess Felicia Jones at or to schedule your virtual dinner. 


Check Out Our T.E.A.M. Dinner Calendar

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