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A Letter from our Board of Directors Chairman Stephen Smith

The slogan for Trinity is a “Tough Program for Tough Times.” It’s a fitting call for the times we find ourselves in—for all of us—but especially for:

  • the men of Trinity who recently endured a battle of Covid, in addition to their own personal hardships and obstacles on their journeys to recovery,

  • those in our community impacted by Covid who have lost love ones and/or jobs in an unprecedented landscape we continue to navigate, and

  • those in our community reminded daily that systemic and unconscious biases still persist and limit opportunity and progress for those that feel left behind.

Over the last several months, I have spent time educating myself and learning more about my privileges so that I can be a better advocate for those around me. I have committed to further understanding the struggles of others and erring on the side of empathy, including even where I may not fully grasp. And I have committed to standing with those that feel slighted or diminished by society—those that feel less than—and ensuring that I’m a part of the solution, and not the problem.

Trinity is a reminder to me that regardless of adversity, regardless of success or privilege, we are all continually in recovery. We may have different vices or sins, and some may be more visible to society than others, but we all need recovery and support, and by serving the men of Trinity, we are in fact serving our own recovery.

As the new Chairman, my simple goal is to do whatever I can to ensure that Trinity can sustainably provide all the tools and resources required to meet the needs of the great men of Trinity and empower them to Trinity’s mission—for them to reclaim their lives and return to their families and communities as mentors and leaders. These men deserve nothing less than our best.

Pulling from our Strategic Plan, and in order to be as transparent as possible, I need YOU to help Trinity continue to be a part of the solution, rather than the problem, as we work towards the following objectives:

  • Continue to position Trinity as an organization focused on “recovery” rather than simply shelter or housing.

  • Continue to position Trinity as an evidenced-based recovery model by continually analyzing our results and growing our community partnerships, particularly educational partnerships.

  • Continue to grow Trinity’s brand awareness, moving beyond our historic mantra of “Atlanta’s best kept secret,” and fulfill our role as an “expert practitioner” to educate members of the Atlanta community on the unique challenges and capabilities of the recovery process.

  • Despite the limitations of Covid, continue to expand opportunities for engagement with the community, including fundraising and educational opportunities, with events and activities that connect community members and potential partners more deeply in the work of Trinity.  

These objectives are all a part of the overall plan to ensure Trinity remains sustainable in its mission to serve the men of Trinity. That we continue to be a unique-for-its-industry, client-centered and highly structured program model focused on client re-entry to the community as mentors and leaders. That we continue to have a dedicated and passionate staff who express a consistent message of care and support for the men of Trinity. That we continue to have strong volunteer engagement and community partnerships, such as our robust “Honorary Board” and active alumni body. And ultimately that we continue Trinity’s rich history of success stories by graduating roughly 50 men annually to stable housing through self-discipline and employment.

Donate here:

Like anyone who has experienced Trinity firsthand, it is the transformations of the men that make any time spent or money invested worth it. To see the faces of the men who graduate or are continuing to fight for their lives and families within the program, is one of the single most impactful things in my life.

I hope that each of you can experience this, or if new, begin to experience this even in the current virtual climate. To help, I’d like to invite you to our first virtual TEAM dinner—which stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More”—on DATE at 6:00 PM EST via Zoom which we will be opening to all supporters and friends of Trinity once a month. We hope this can be a time for you to take a pause from your daily lives and witness the authentic transformations occurring in the lives of the men currently at Trinity. I promise that you will not regret it.

I’d be remissed if I didn’t take the time to thank our former Chairman, Will Buchly, for his years of service and leadership, especially over this past year. I believe that Trinity is on its best track right now, much of which is due to Will’s commitment to excellence and integrity even in tough times. Trinity and all of us are incredibly grateful.

Also, I’d like to recognize our new Executive Director, Anita DeMyers, whose leadership over the last several months has been nothing short of inspiring. She is the right person for the job, and she has my total support and confidence. I am incredibly grateful for her commitment to Trinity, and for those who not yet met Anita, I hope you’ll have the opportunity soon and see why I, as well as the men of Trinity, think so highly of her.

All the best and HOTEP (a common refrain among Trinity men which means “peace and blessings”!

Stephen P. Smith

Chairman of the Board

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